ChiroSpring software now offers even more power and efficiency for chiropractors

The chiropractic industry’s most innovative practice management software just got better.  ChiroSpring, a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) software system for chiropractors, has just released a new software version, giving customers more features, more flexibility, and more efficiency.

“Customers have always loved the way ChiroSpring combines such an intuitive interface with uniquely innovative features,” ChiroSpring CEO Brian Albery said.  “But now we’ve taken that same dedication to simplicity, and added even more power and flexibility to the software.  ChiroSpring gives doctors the ability to manage their practice, saving time and money, in ways they won’t find anywhere else.  More than ever, customers are raving about the tremendous impact that ChiroSpring has on their practice.”

A number of the new features help chiropractors through the often complex billing and reconciliation process.  Doctors now have even more ability to edit charges, assign payments, and indicate patient responsibilities.  ChiroSpring now also supports multi-patient checkout, great for doctors who see multiple members of a family who have only one payer.

Additional updates were made to the software’s Patient Ledger and Statements functions as well, giving doctors a greater audit-trail to provide evidence of statements billed and associated user payments.  Additional reports, communication tools, and speed improvements were all included in this recent release as well.

“ChiroSpring is designed by chiropractors, for chiropractors,” Albery said.  “So one of our greatest strengths, and the core of our mission, is that we listen to chiropractors and provide them exactly what they need to run an efficient, successful chiropractic clinic.  This software update is full of fantastic, new customer-requested changes.  And with their help, we are making a great practice management software even greater.” 

ChiroSpring’s complete EHR software solution for chiropractors is available now.  Please see for further information.