ChiroSpring Generates Excitement at Logan College of Chiropractic Homecoming Event

St. Louis, MO – At the invitation of the organizers, representatives of ChiroSpring practice management software recently provided personal demonstrations and discussions of their innovative EHR software to participants of the 2014 Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni Association Homecoming and Midwest Conference. Those students and alumni in attendance had the opportunity to see first-hand how ChiroSpring automates and maximizes efficiencies in many of the common, yet complex tasks involved in running a chiropractic clinic.

“The students and doctors attending events such as the LCCAA Homecoming are there to continue their education about valuable practices and services available to help them improve the care of their patients,” ChiroSpring CEO Brian Albery said. “Because ChiroSpring was designed by actual practicing chiropractors, the participants immediately recognized the overwhelming number of ways that ChiroSpring allows doctors to better treat their patients. Their appreciation really generated a lot of excitement around the event.”

Of particular interest at this year’s event was ChiroSpring’s cloud-based and multi-platform service. Rather than being installed on every individual computer, ChiroSpring operates using a cloud-based platform that allows any Internet connected computer to access the program near instantly. In addition, ChiroSpring is one of the very few chiropractic practice management software programs that allows a user the flexibility to utilize a PC, Macintosh, or tablet device.

“Modern doctors want both flexibility and efficiency, and cloud-based software like ChiroSpring allows doctors to access their clinic information from nearly anywhere,” Albery said. “This gives them the opportunity to treat patients and manage their clinic in the way that best suits them, rather than their software. In addition, those doctors who prefer to use a Mac, iPad, or other tablet device can do so with ChiroSpring. These are features not commonly found in our chiropractic EHR software industry, and that’s what creates so much enthusiasm about them.”

At the encouragement of the Logan College community, ChiroSpring plans on again attending next year’s homecoming and Midwest Conference.

ChiroSpring practice management software is available now to help doctors save time and money in efficiently managing their practice. To learn more about ChiroSpring, please visit or call 888-426-0007.


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