ChiroSpring Founder Gives Back to Chiropractic Community

Davenport, IA – Dr. Chrissy Albery, founder and Principal Chiropractic Advisor of ChiroSpring practice management software, remembers exactly what it was like to first open her own practice. Shortly after the joy of graduation fades, the intimidating task of starting a new business arises. That’s why after speaking with some recent graduates of Palmer Chiropractic College, Dr. Chrissy decided to donate some of her clinic’s rehabilitation equipment to a pair of new doctors just starting out.

“Working with ChiroSpring EHR software allows me the amazing opportunity to speak with new doctors every day,” Dr. Chrissy said. “I love being able to share not only the benefits of ChiroSpring to their practice, but also the lessons I’ve learned during my time as a practicing chiropractor. Recently while speaking to potential ChiroSpring customers, I found a couple of doctors who I knew could benefit from some rehabilitation equipment more than I could. It was an easy decision to know that I could help some fellow chiropractors acquire rehabilitation equipment that many new chiropractors are just unable to, due to the high equipment and start-up costs.”

Doctors Jacob and Jessica Young (pictured) are 2014 graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic. They are opening up their first clinic, Black and Gold Chiropractic and Wellness Center, in Iowa City, Iowa. As part of their new practice, they’ll now have the benefit of offering patients a Cervical Unit for neck rehabilitation, a Low Back Unit for patients with back pain, and a Multi-Hip Unit for rehabilitation of the trunk region. With a retail cost of over $8000, this equipment will give patients of Black and Gold Chiropractic the opportunity to benefit from additional care, while giving Drs. Young the opportunity to build a clinic at no additional cost.

“At ChiroSpring, we do our best to support our doctors in whatever way we can,” Dr. Chrissy said. “Our success as an EHR software company depends on their success as doctors helping patients. So in addition to providing simple, powerful, and efficient practice management software, we like to go above and beyond to help the doctors of this industry. Plus, I may have a soft spot for Palmer graduates and Iowa doctors, both of which I’m proud to be.”

ChiroSpring practice management software is available now and offers a 50% discount to recent graduates. To learn more about ChiroSpring, please visit or call 888-426-0007.


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