Feeling abandoned by your EHR software provider? Stay confident & stay supported with ChiroSpring chiropractic software!

The vast scope of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems can sometimes leave chiropractors and their staff feeling overwhelmed. With so much functionality built into scheduling, billing, SOAP charting, reconciling, and reporting, software users often need a hand making sure they are taking the right steps toward success. But far too often EHR users are left feeling abandoned by their software providers. Getting the support they need often requires chiropractors to pay thousands of dollars up front for software, and then continue paying a monthly support fee as well. When they finally get a representative on the phone, they’re told to review website Frequently Asked Question lists or post software suggestions to public forums instead of receiving the one-on-one support they deserve. For those doctors tired of feeling helpless, left to navigate the world of EHR software on their own, ChiroSpring chiropractic software offers a radically different approach. Unlimited customer support, from a real person, for no extra cost.

Start with Smart Chiropractic Feeling Abandoned by Your EHRSoftware – Because ChiroSpring practice management software was designed by chiropractors specifically for chiropractors, the software has an intuitive feel that makes sense for the doctors using it. Every function was designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind, so confusion and questions are minimized. A simple, intuitive design combined with smart automation allows ChiroSpring users to navigate through their processes stress-free. Smart, easy, understandable software is the best support doctors can ask for.

Real People for Real Questions – ChiroSpring knows that the answer to a quick question can save a clinic a great deal of time, money, and stress. And having a real, easily-accessible person to answer questions offers a level of support and confidence too rarely found in the EHR software industry. That’s why ChiroSpring offers knowledgeable and friendly U.S. based customer support specialists to answer questions and walk customers through any of their EHR processes. Comfort, confidence, and care are all part of ChiroSpring’s customer support platform.

Watch and Learn – Because so many people are visual learners, ChiroSpring offers dozens of demonstration videos, covering nearly every aspect of the practice management program. Chiropractors and their staff can see how simple the software is to navigate, and watch or re-watch any time they’d like a refresher on how to follow any of the various processes from start to finish. ChiroSpring even offers a full software demonstration video, guiding users through every step of the patient treatment and flow process.

Worth a thousand words – ChiroSpring provides customers a comprehensive user guide, offering over 700 pages of step-by-step instructions, complete with thousands of pictures walking users through nearly every action or scenario they might face using an EHR system. Fully indexed, in seconds a doctor can find step-by-step instructions for completing any process they might need.

While the scope of Chiropractic EHR software can sometimes be intimidating, ChiroSpring chiropractic software provides the support and resources doctors need to enjoy an efficient, stress-free software experience. Smarter software, spectacular support – that’s ChiroSpring.


Learn more about how ChiroSpring is driving chiropractic at www.chirospring.com


Slow EHR software got you stressed? Work faster and smarter, with ChiroSpring chiropractic software!

It’s an all too common problem for the modern chiropractor – too much to do and not enough time to do it. Busy clinics all over the country face the challenge of keeping pace with all the requSlow EHR Software Got You Downirements of treating patients, charting SOAPs, scheduling, billing, reconciling, and all that comes with running a successful business. Unfortunately, too often the EHR software programs that should be reducing the burden are actually adding to the stress felt by doctors and their staff. Slow, confusing, and unreliable software makes the daily tasks of a chiropractic practice all the more frustrating. In an industry when speed and ease of use are critical for success, ChiroSpring practice management software has sprung forward as the EHR choice of doctors everywhere. Offering astonishingly fast and easy to use software, ChiroSpring is a complete EHR software that saves practices around the country significant time, money, and stress.

Speed, Not Stress – ChiroSpring was designed by chiropractors specifically for chiropractors. So it’s intuitive, straightforward design means clinics quickly find the information they need, exactly where they expect to find it. Quick and intuitive navigation means less hunting for information and more progress. The simple Front Desk design ensures even the busiest clinics can rapidly move and track patients through the visit process. And ChiroSpring’s smart patient flow ensures doctors and staff always know exactly where a patient is in the process, from check-in to patient payment and check-out. ChiroSpring easily tracks the most important aspects of a practice and offers it at a glance. Designed with a familiar, app-style interface, all of ChiroSpring’s powerful features are quickly accessed and easily understood. With ChiroSpring, your clinic adds speed, not stress.

Designed for Efficiency – ChiroSpring is a hybrid cloud-based chiropractic EHR software. This design allows for the basic software to install on your local computer or tablet device, and yet still securely retain all the clinic data in a HIPAA compliant, encrypted cloud. The result of this combination is a significantly speedier user experience. For every customer click, fully web-based EHR systems need to load every button and image along with the necessary data. Those who have used these systems know the frustration that comes with watching every page load before getting to work. But with ChiroSpring’s hybrid platform, only the data needs transmitted. So doctors and staff can maximize their efficiency with lightning-fast software.

Smarter Software, Fewer Mistakes – Beyond the efficient design, ChiroSpring also offers smart technology to maximize a clinic’s speed. The software’s smart validations notify staff if a charge or insurance check is not reconciled properly, preventing extensive searches for record keeping mistakes. An alert will trigger if an important HCFA field is missed, preventing the submission of a charge that would otherwise not be processed by insurance. Stop Managers provide reminders to doctors and staff to take required actions that may have been forgotten. Inefficient software results in wasted time and rejected claims. But ChiroSpring’s smart technology keeps clinics moving forward, without the stress.

Busy chiropractic clinics need practice management software that is fast, easy, and frustration free. Don’t struggle with slow and stressful software. Work Faster. Work smarter. Choose ChiroSpring.

Learn more about how ChiroSpring is driving chiropractic at www.chirospring.com.