Frustrated with your EHR software’s lack of support? Let ChiroSpring show you what customer service should be!

Between treating patients, managing staff, and running a business, modern chiropractors lead busy lives. So when a question arises while using their Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, they often need accurate answers, and they need them fast. But too often, doctors and their practice team are left frustrated, unable to get the support they deserve. After paying huge sums of money up-front, doctors are often asked to pay an additional monthly support fee. And then when support is needed, they are directed to FAQ websites or public forums to ask other users for help. Chiropractors deserve better. That’s why ChiroSpring chiropractic software offers a radically different approach. Real customer support, from a real person, for no extra cost.


No Large Down Payment, No Long-Term Contracts – It’s an unfortunate fact that after investing thousands of dollars up-front for a practice management software, doctors are less likely to abandon that system, no matter how bad the software or support is. Companies that require big money down payments count on the fact that doctors will stick with their system, despite providing terribly poor quality software and support. Fortunately, ChiroSpring takes a different approach. Designed by chiropractors, for chiropractors, ChiroSpring was created by doctors who were tired of wasting money on expensive EHR systems that didn’t deliver once their check was cashed. That’s why ChiroSpring customers have no large down payment and no long-term contract. Customers can cancel their ChiroSpring service at any time, without penalty. So ChiroSpring customers are kept with great software, great service, and incredible value. Never again will chiropractors need to commit thousands of dollars on the hope that software will work for them. ChiroSpring offers a better way.

Real People for Real Questions – Because EHR software contains such a vast amount of functionality, it’s expected that every practice with have questions once in a while. And getting quick and accurate answers to software questions often changes a confusing, stressful situation into a productive, positive experience. That’s why ChiroSpring offers all customers a real, easily-accessible person to answer questions, offering a level of support and confidence too rarely found in the EHR software industry. A knowledgeable and friendly U.S. based customer support specialists will answer questions and walk customers through any of their EHR processes. ChiroSpring consistently provides doctors and their staff comfort, confidence, and care.

5-Star Reviews for a Company that Tries Harder – Take a moment to search the Internet for ChiroSpring customer reviews. Those that do will find multiple websites sharing unbiased, actual ChiroSpring customers telling stories and sharing examples of the exceptional customer support they’ve received. An abundance of five-Star ratings demonstrate how ChiroSpring and their team of doctors, technical staff, and customer support specialists work harder to ensure customers receive the product and service they deserve.

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With incredible value, exceptional support, and outstanding reviews, it’s easy to see why ChiroSpring customers actually enjoy their software experience. But there’s only one way for doctors to experience the ChiroSpring difference themselves. It’s time for something better. It’s time for ChiroSpring.

Learn more about how ChiroSpring is driving chiropractic at

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