Got the outsourced-billing blues? Save money and bring billing in-house with ChiroSpring!

Are you tired of spending an arm-and-a-leg on outsourcing your chiropractic billing process? Does the idea of paying someone else to help yourself get paid seem frustrating and unnecessary? It’s time to stop outsourcing your chiropractic billing process and bring that money back to where it belongs – your pocket! ChiroSpring’s complete practice management software offers a simple, smart, automated billing process that can save you thousands on outsourcing and increase your collection rates dramatically.

Easy Export, Easy Claims – ChiroSpring offers a one-touch export feature, allowing doctors to export all their billable claims into a text file with a single click. When used in conjunctions with a clearinghouse these files can be automatically distributed to the proper insurance companies, ensuring a quick and error-free submission. There are even reliable clearinghouse services that are available at no charge for those chiropractors who submit less than 50% Medicare/Medicaid claims. ChiroSpring’s one-click export and free clearinghouse services make getting claims to insurance companies lightning fast and extra reliable.

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Never Lose A Claim Again – ChiroSpring’s proprietary Billing app provides doctors a real-time view of every outstanding charge in their clinic. Practice’s will never lose track of a charge again, knowing at all times exactly how many charges, which charges, and how much money they have waiting in every phase of the billing process. You can even rebill charges from this screen with a single click. Get a complete billing overview and easily adjust individual charges on the fly. That’s the power of smart software.

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Reconcile with Confidence – For many doctors, the billing reconciliation process is just too complex and inefficient for them to invest their time. So they instead outsource the action to others. But with ChiroSpring, reconciliation is a breeze. ChiroSpring’s smarter software offers a single-screen reconciliation, and error-proof technology ensures that reconciliations are accurate and easy. You can even dispute a charge, put a charge on hold, and make notes about a charge should the need arise. If it helps you get paid, ChiroSpring does it, and does it with ease and efficiency.


Multiple Clinics, One Software – For those practices with multiple locations, ChiroSpring makes billing simple by allowing the management of all the clinics’ billing needs from any one location. Because of the software’s cloud-based access, one person on any Internet connected device can manage the claims, reconciliation, and reporting of billing activities from multiple clinic locations.

Stop breaking your budget by continuing to pay someone else for your chiropractic billing. With ChiroSpring’s simple, smart, and efficient billing process, you’ll save money on outsourcing and watch your collection rates soar!


Learn more about how ChiroSpring is driving chiropractic at


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