Tired of EHR Software that Costs an Arm and a Leg?

At ChiroSpring, we know that chiropractors like you invest an incredible amount of time, energy, and money in making sure their practice is successful. And because those resources are always limited, it’s critical that doctors get the most out of their investment. But too often doctors purchase budget EHR software attempting to save money, only to find out the software doesn’t deliver on functionality, and the company repeatedly charges extra for services that are part of a doctor’s basic needs. Stuck in a long-term contract with an expensive product that doesn’t meet your needs is no way to run a practice. Fortunately frustrated chiropractors now have a better choice. Born from the idea that doctors deserve better, ChiroSpring practice management software delivers the value and return on investment that doctors deserve.


So we ask – does your EHR software offer you this much value? For just one low monthly fee, ChiroSpring customers enjoy:

  • Software Maintenance, Upgrades, and Technical Support – No maintenance or support contracts, and no payments for new features. Always have the latest software and the support you deserve.

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  • Automatic Data Backup – ChiroSpring stores your practice’s data on a HIPAA compliant, encrypted server, and backs it up in multiple locations every hour, not just once per day. Save time and effort with consistent, reliable automatic backups. Don’t risk even a day’s worth of your business data!

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  • Training – ChiroSpring doesn’t have to charge for training packages because the software’s intuitive interface works exactly as you’d expect it to. We also provide an incredibly detailed user manual, loaded with graphics and step-by-step instructions. And when unique questions arise, ChiroSpring technical support is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer demonstrations. With ChiroSpring, you’ll work with confidence.

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  • Multi-Location support – ChiroSpring allows you to create as many practice locations as you desire, and manage them all within the same software, for no extra cost. Whether you have a sprawling collection of clinics, or the goal of opening up a second practice, ChiroSpring supports your needs at no extra charge.

Multiple Locations

  • Digital Line Drawing Capabilities – While many doctors pay $99 a month or more for the ability to annotate and draw on x-ray and other images, ChiroSpring provides that capability for no extra cost. ChiroSpring comes pre-loaded with a wide assortment of chiropractic specific tools such as George’s Line, Disc Plane Tool, Ilium Analysis, Cobb’s Angle, Mid-point Tool, Spinal Stamp Tool and many more.

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  • Multi-Platform Access – Finally, ChiroSpring’s multi-platform software allows doctors to utilize any type of computing device they desire. ChiroSpring will work on virtually any PC, Mac, or tablet device.  The benefit of such flexibility is not just in the convenience it offers, but also the cost savings of allowing a doctor to purchase the device that best fits his or her needs.

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If you’re not sure you’re receiving the value that you deserve from your EHR practice management software, please visit us at www.chirospring.com. From our website you can request a quote, watch a software demonstration video, or connect with us for a personalized software walk-through. It’s time to get more from your investment! Visit our website to see how ChiroSpring drives chiropractic.

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