Frustrated with unreliable EHR software? ChiroSpring provides chiropractors the secure and dependable software they deserve.

Chiropractors have a lot of choices when it comes to managing the health records of their patients. Choices must be made between electronic and non-digital options, server-based or cloud-based software, automatic or manual backups, and encryption or other storage security methods. With so many options to consider, it’s no surprise that too often frustrated doctors find themselves stuck with unreliable EHR software that doesn’t meet their needs. What good is software if you can’t use it, and can’t trust it? Fortunately, ChiroSpring practice management software offers chiropractors the consistent security and reliability they need to focus less on software and more on the health and wellness of their patients and their practice.

Cloud-Based Access from Anywhere – ChiroSpring provides doctors cloud-based access from any Internet connected device. Unlike server-based software, cloud-based systems allow you to access your practice data from anywhere – your practice, your home, or on the road. Didn’t get to finish all your patient charting today? Open up a laptop after dinner and finish from home. Wondering what your schedule looks like this week? No need to go to the office, just login to a computer from home and check your schedule. Can’t make it to the office and need to contact patients to reschedule? Their contact information is at your fingertips. Consistent, reliable software access with over 99% uptime and server download speeds of up to 40 gigabytes per second.

Anywhere Anytime Access

Automatic Backup in 3 Separate Locations – How important is your patient EHR and practice financial data to the success of your practice? Can you afford to invest the time and money required to manage your practice if that data were lost? Are you 100% positive that your data is being backed up regularly? If you’re not sure you’re comfortable with the risks your practice takes with your data, it’s time for a better way. ChiroSpring automatically backs up your clinic’s data every hour of the day. It’s not just once a day like other EHR systems, and it doesn’t require you to constantly remember like manual backup tools. Your data is backed up every hour and stored in three separate physical locations, to ensure that even a natural disaster will not prevent you from accessing your information. ChiroSpring provides consistent, reliable access, whenever, wherever.

Reliability and Security – Reliable access to your practice data is critical to maintaining efficient processes within your clinic. But reliable access doesn’t always mean secure access. ChiroSpring offers HIPAA compliant security procedures to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your practice data. Information in transit is protected by the same encryption standards used by the banking and financial services industry. Physical personnel and digital security tools monitor your practice data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Backup data is stored in encrypted formats in physically secured locations. Reliable access doesn’t have to mean an exposure risk. Get trustworthy, secured data management with ChiroSpring.

Secure Data Backup

If you are tired of unreliable, unsecured electronic health software, it’s time for a smarter, safer solution. Your practice deserves it. It’s time for ChiroSpring.


Learn more about how ChiroSpring is driving chiropractic at

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