Frustrated with Slow and Clunky EHR Cloud Software? Not All EHR Software Clouds Are Created Equal.

Cloud based EHR software offers chiropractors a multitude of advantages over legacy server-based systems. Unlike server-based software, cloud-based systems allow you to access your practice data from anywhere – your practice, your home, or on the road. There’s no local area network setup of clinic computers, and no advanced software security required to keep your data communications safe. Data backups are automated and if your computer crashes, you can just boot up another and be back to running your practice in seconds, not days.

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But many doctors don’t realize that cloud-based EHR software can use a variety of technologies to deliver your practice information. And often those doctors suffer with slow, poorly-designed browser-based cloud systems that provide their product using substandard technology. Fortunately, ChiroSpring practice management software offers the chiropractic community a hybrid-cloud system that maximizes speed and efficiency, while allowing for the design of features and interfaces that chiropractors deserve.


Speed Test – ChiroSpring offers its partners the latest in hybrid-cloud technology. This means that ChiroSpring users download a small, simple program to their computer, installing in seconds with a single click. This program then resides on the computer, and connects to the ChiroSpring cloud, securely exchanging only the required data to help you complete the task at hand. This hybrid system makes ChiroSpring software lightning fast, as the main program is already on your computer, and only the minimum amount of information is traversing the network.

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With browser-based cloud software, everything a user sees is constantly being downloaded and uploaded back and forth between the user’s computer and the cloud. Every button, every graphic, every menu option, and all the patient data have to constantly be downloaded and updated from the cloud. This inefficient process means slower load-times for every screen that needs accessed. Downloading hundreds of slow-loading screen changes all day long can make for a frustrating experience for doctors who deserve better.


Functionality – Beyond the difference in speed, ChiroSpring’s cloud-based system also allows doctors to enjoy functionality and design elements that are not possible in browser-based systems. Because ChiroSpring’s small, front-end program installs on a user’s computer, that software can be programmed to include unique elements such as specific menu functionality and blurred backgrounds to show layers of depth, making understanding and navigating ChiroSpring a breeze. Alternatively, browser-based EHR systems are restricted to only what can be programmed using a browser, which severely limits the ability of that software to provide and expand the interfaces and functionality to customers.


Mobility – Although both ChiroSpring and some browser-based software programs will run on tablet computers, it’s critical to identify whether your software just runs on a tablet, or was DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY to run on a tablet. Every element of ChiroSpring’s design was chosen with touch-screens in mind. Every button, grid, scroll bar, text box and navigation control was designed for incredibly simple touch use. Other programs offer a few oversized buttons and a whole bunch of tiny scroll-bars that immediately negate the convenience and efficiency that doctors using tablets should enjoy.

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If you’re frustrated with cloud-software that’s not delivering the experience you deserve, please visit us at From our website you can request a quote, watch a software demonstration video, or connect with us for a personalized software walk-through. Get more efficient and get more from your investment! Visit our website today to see how ChiroSpring drives chiropractic.


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