Is it Truly Better? This is how ChiroSpring is Changing Chiropractic

Are you one of the many chiropractors who still think you’re forced to choose between maintaining paper copies of patient and clinic data, and utilizing slow, expensive, complicated EHR software? If you think your paper process or EHR program has to cause as much work and stress as benefit, we’d like to introduce you to ChiroSpring, the chiropractic industry’s smartest, most innovative software. Chiropractors around the country have discovered why ChiroSpring is changing chiropractic for the better. Finally, doctors have the EHR practice management system they deserve.

Start with Smart Software – Because ChiroSpring practice management software was designed by chiropractors specifically for chiropractors, the software has an intuitive feel that makes sense for the doctors using it. ChiroSpring’s no-hassle system coordinates all a clinic’s many functions into a single easy-to-use program. Scheduling, billing, tracking, reporting, SOAP Notes and more, all in one smarter software. No modules to choose and no additional purchases necessary. Smart, easy, and understandable, every ChiroSpring function was designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind. Functions are exactly where you’d expect, and the amount of time and effort required to complete basic tasks is meticulously minimized. Confusing, inefficient EHR software is no longer a doctor’s only choice. ChiroSpring gives doctors a better option.

Fast & Thorough SOAP Notes – Chiropractors face the daily challenge of creating comprehensive, detailed SOAP notes, while still maintaining a full schedule of patients. That’s why ChiroSpring’s smart automation is a game-changer for doctors and their staff. Advanced macros, visual adjustment displays, custom listings, text carry-over, and more. ChiroSpring’s automation and customization make both SOAP compliance and speed a reality. Are your SOAP Notes as fast and thorough as they could be?

The RIGHT Cloud-Based Software – Unlike old, legacy server-based systems, ChiroSpring’s cloud-based software requires no IT setup to get started. There are no local area networks to establish, no security programs to configure, and no threat that a virus will destroy your clinic’s data in an instant. Start up a computer and log right in. But best of all, unlike other cloud-based EHR programs, ChiroSpring’s unique hybrid-cloud system doesn’t have to download every graphic and text string on every click. So ChiroSpring software can be up to 100 times faster than other browser-based EHR cloud systems.

24/7 Automatic Backup – How much data can you afford to lose? ChiroSpring automatically backs up patient and clinic data every hour of every day. Data is encrypted and stored in 3 separate locations around the country for maximum safety. Can your clinic easily replicate every data entry from yesterday, or last week? Is that an efficient use of your time? Don’t put your clinic at risk. ChiroSpring’s industry-leading backup solution gives doctors the peace of mind they deserve, and it’s all done at no extra cost!

Designed for Success – ChiroSpring is designed for your clinic’s growth and success. Utilize ChiroSpring’s free, multi-location support to manage any number of clinics, all from one screen. Or utilize ChiroSpring’s patient flow process to manage multiple providers and rooms within your practice. See exactly which patients are seeing which provider, and which room each individual is currently in. Maximize efficiency and minimize effort. That’s ChiroSpring smart automation.

If you’re ready for a smarter, more innovative practice management software, please visit us at  From our website you can request a quote, watch a software demonstration video, or connect with us for a personalized software walk-through. Get more efficient and get more from your investment! Visit our website today to see how ChiroSpring drives chiropractic.


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