Is Your EHR Data Really Safe? With ChiroSpring, it will be!

As the modern world continues to transition sensitive health records into more usable electronic formats, the security of electronic heath records (EHR) has become a critical responsibility for doctors. Chiropractors who take advantage of EHR practice management software need to know exactly how their patient and financial data is protected, ensuring they know how it’s stored, where it’s stored, and who has made changes. Doctor’s everywhere need to ask the question – “Is my data safe?” Fortunately, ChiroSpring chiropractic practice management software gives doctors the peace of mind they need, providing reliable data security for their most precious information.


Cloud-Based Security – Unlike old, legacy server-based systems, ChiroSpring’s cloud-based software requires no IT setup to get started. There are no local area networks to establish, no security programs to configure, and no threat that a virus will destroy your clinic’s data in an instant. Clinic data is securely stored on HIPAA-compliant servers and protected 24/7 by physical personnel and digital security tools in a guarded data center. Information in transit is protected by the same encryption standards used by the banking and financial services industry. Anywhere access, safe and secure – that’s ChiroSpring.

Secure Data Backup

Automatic Backup in 3 Separate Locations – How much data can you afford to lose? How would you manage if you all your patient and financial data from yesterday, this week, or this month suddenly disappeared? Could you easily replicate every data entry if your computer crashed or was stolen? Would your data be safe and accessible if your clinic faced a natural disaster? ChiroSpring customers don’t have these concerns. ChiroSpring automatically backs up clinic data every single hour of the day. Backup data is encrypted and stored in three separate physical locations around the country, to ensure that even a natural disaster will not prevent you from accessing your information. Don’t put your clinic at risk. ChiroSpring’s industry-leading backup solution gives doctors the peace of mind they deserve, and it’s all done at no extra cost!


Security with Ease – ChiroSpring’s app-style interface makes designating access for employees a breeze, using simple, visual lists that quickly identify which portions of the SOAP note, Patient Dashboard, Front Desk, Settings, and Launcher Apps an individual can access. Doctors can establish an employee’s complete security profile in seconds! And ChiroSpring’s security logs record a detailed history of every view, edit, delete, and print function in nearly every screen of the software. Never again will doctors have to wonder who made that change, or who deleted that information. With ChiroSpring’s automated security processes, doctors can always know who is doing what.

If you’re ready for a smarter, more secure practice management software, please visit us at From our website you can request a quote, watch a software demonstration video, or connect with us for a personalized software walk-through. Get more efficient and get more from your investment! Visit our website today to see how ChiroSpring drives chiropractic.




Five Reasons Chiropractors LOVE ChiroSpring

Doctors around the country are rapidly discovering why their colleagues are raving about ChiroSpring practice management software. The age of chiropractors choosing from a collection of confusing, inadequate, and expensive EHR software systems is a thing of the past. With ChiroSpring, smart, intuitive, and comprehensive chiropractic software is now a reality. The following are just a few of the reasons that doctors continue to rave about ChiroSpring in online reviews.

Built by Chiropractors, For Chiropractors – ChiroSpring is the practice management software that doctors and their staff ACTUALLY WANT TO USE. It’s the software they deserve. ChiroSpring’s chiropractic-specific software was built by chiropractors to do everything needed to run an efficient and successful clinic. Doctors and their team can quickly and easily learn the intuitive system, navigate through the various features, quickly produce detailed, audit-proof SOAP Notes, and remain comfortable and confident throughout the process. ChiroSpring is also smart enough to catch errors, missed information, and inaccurate financial and reconciliation data. The intuitive, fully-featured, error-proof design makes day-to-day activities stress-free.


Enjoy a Complete Practice Management Solution – ChiroSpring’s no-hassle system coordinates all a clinic’s many functions into a single easy-to-use program. Scheduling, billing, tracking, reporting, SOAP Notes and more, all in one smarter software. No modules to choose and no additional purchases necessary. ChiroSpring’s complete practice management program comes ready to use out-of-the-box. With pre-built macros, charges, diagnoses, products and more, clinics can hit the ground running with everything they need to be successful on day-on. Success comes in one user-friendly software package.


No Large Down Payment, No Long-Term Contracts – Because ChiroSpring was designed by chiropractors, their incredibly affordable pricing model is chiro friendly too. There’s no large down payment and no long-term contract. Customers can cancel their ChiroSpring service at any time, without penalty. So ChiroSpring is constantly working to win their customers business every month. ChiroSpring customers are kept with great software, great service, and incredible value. Never again will chiropractors need to commit thousands of dollars on the hope that software will work for them.


Out with the Old – ChiroSpring brings modern technology to the Chiropractic industry. Unlike old, legacy, server-based systems, ChiroSpring offers secure anytime, anywhere hybrid cloud-based access. , Doctors can also create and manage an unlimited number of practice locations from any machine for no additional charge. Simply populate the location and practice information in the Settings app, and easily schedule, bill, and report on any or all locations from a single computer. And with convenience and mobility in mind, ChiroSpring was designed specifically to run on a touch device, such as a tablet computer. Although ChiroSpring is also PC and Mac friendly as well. Modern doctors deserve modern technology. They deserve ChiroSpring.

Macbook on Desk

5-Star Reviews for a Company that Tries Harder – Take a moment to search the Internet for ChiroSpring customer reviews. Those that do will find multiple websites sharing unbiased, actual ChiroSpring customers telling stories and sharing examples of the exceptional software and customer support they’ve received. An abundance of five-Star ratings demonstrate how ChiroSpring and their team of doctors, technical staff, and customer support specialists work harder to ensure customers receive the product and service they deserve.

4ib4oodktIf you’re ready for a smarter, more value-added practice management software, please visit us at  From our website you can request a quote, watch a software demonstration video, or connect with us for a personalized software walk-through. Get more efficient and get more from your investment! Visit our website today to see how ChiroSpring drives chiropractic.