Is your chiropractic EHR software giving you the best possible experience? If you said yes, then you’re probably already a ChiroSpring practice management software customer. But if you said no, then it’s time to consider a better way. ChiroSpring gives doctors and their staff functions and features that are built on advanced technology platforms, designed with maximum efficiency, and offered to customers at no extra charge. If you are frustrated with outdated, server-based systems, confusing patchwork design, and costly add-on charges for even the most basic service and support, it’s time to make a change. Your practice deserves better, and YOU deserve better. You deserve ChiroSpring.


Just look at some of the ways ChiroSpring gives its users the industry’s premier chiropractic EHR experience. Does your EHR do all this?


Use Any Hardware – ChiroSpring runs natively on any Mac, PC, and Windows tablet. Doctors can use any desktop, laptop, or tablet they choose, from any provider. Even devices like iPads and Android tablets can connect to ChiroSpring using a third-party app. ChiroSpring avoids the slow downloads of the browser-based access method, and instead ensures consistent, convenient, instant access by offering a real, native application that installs on a variety of devices in under 30 seconds.

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Free Multi-location Support – With ChiroSpring, doctors can create and manage an unlimited number of practice locations for no additional charge. Simply populate the location and practice information in the Settings app, and easily toggle back and forth between locations when working in the Calendar or Front Desk. No VPN required and no server configurations to manage. It couldn’t be easier to bill, schedule, and manage patients in multiple locations.

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Integrated Credit Card Processing – Use ChiroSpring’s integrated credit card processing to accept payments and instantly update patient ledgers within the system. No duplication of effort. You can even accept eChecks and set auto-payment schedules in the future.

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Lightning Fast SOAP Notes – ChiroSpring’s built in SOAP Macros allow doctors to quickly populate a large amount of valuable SOAP information with the touch of a button. Doctors can edit or create their own Macros, and SOAP information can carry over from previous visits, ensuring that thorough, accurate SOAP information can be included in every patients’ record in a minimal amount of time.


Free Electronic Billing – When using a recommended clearinghouse, doctors using ChiroSpring who submit less than 50% of their claims as Government-based receive their billing process absolutely free. There’s no reason to pay 6% or more to someone else for performing the claim submission process. Just click a single button in ChiroSpring to export your claims, upload the file to a website and you’re done. All for free.


Elegant Patient Flow – ChiroSpring’s intuitive and elegant design was created by chiropractors, for chiropractors. So doctors can easily and instantly visualize patient rooms and manually move patients throughout the office as they progress through their treatment. ChiroSpring also lets you automate the patient process, allowing the system to choose which room a patient should be assigned to, based on maximizing efficiency.

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Simplify P.I. – ChiroSpring simplifies the process of Personal Injury reporting, providing built-in PI attorney reports and one-touch attorney settlement reconciliation.

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If you’re tired of struggling with outdated and unfriendly EHR software, it’s time to take the first step toward a better EHR experience. Please visit us at   From our website you can request a quote, watch a software demonstration video, or connect with us for a personalized software walk-through.  Get more efficient and get more from your investment!  Visit our website today to see how ChiroSpring drives chiropractic.